From Rabbits to Robots; If you want Erasers that look different, we will be able to get them, or, will already have them. There are hundreds of different designs, either shaped or printed. We have themes such as Jungle, Sea, Farm, Princess, Pirate, Ballet, Dinosaur, Fairy, Monsters-you name it, we can get it.



There are many designs of Sharpener which could be classed as toys just as much as stationery. We have our own moulds and, again, exclusive factories.
You can have Tractors, Spiders, Shoes, Goldfish etc. etc.
Again, moulds can be made for sufficient quantities.



Whether it be plain HB Pencils or ones with Pirate Erasers on top, we have them. Again, hundreds of designs, both on the pencil barrels and on the eraser toppers. Colour Pencil Crayons are very good value a particularly good vehicle for own designs.



Novelty Pens have been popular for many years now and we have always been in the forefront of this category.

We have Football Pens, Flower Pens, Bracelet Pens, Fashion Pens, Light Up Pens, and many more.


Memos & Notepads

We use the very best manufacturers for our paper products.
There are big ranges of Memos, Notebooks, Self Dating Diaries, and Notebook Keyrings.
We have exclusive ranges taken from the RSPCA image library featuring UK Wildlife and Farm Animals.

About Us

Strawberry Design & Marketing Ltd. specialise in the design and importation of Novelty Stationery ranges, offering Pencils, Sharpeners, Erasers, Memos, Stationery Sets, and other specialised items.

The Far East

The majority of Novelty Stationery Products now come from The Far East and we have been visiting the many countries making the lines for over 40 years.